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Do You Believe in God?

I believe this is one of the most essential questions you can ask yourself. Here’s why….

I believe in God. But, what is amazing is that God believes in me! Do you have that kind of relationship with Him? I sure hope so!

Just think about it…

How is it possible that the God who created the universe and everything in it, including you and me, wants to have a close relationship with His creation—you and me? He desires to be our first thought in the morning and our last thought when we go off to sleep each night. He wants to be a part of everything that matters to you. To be your best Friend. He loves it when you just sit and chat with Him about your day. And when you ask Him to give you His wisdom about a situation.

Do you WANT that?

Or are you content being just an earth dweller, living day-to-day with no thought of eternity? Be honest with yourself. We can embrace the relationship. Or we can push Him away, but that makes Him sad.

What do you actually think about Jesus?

Who is He to you? The baby in the manger? The man on the cross? He is both. And so much more.

Laurie Beth Jones tells a story:

A man was talking with a woman who knew she was dying very soon. “What does it feel like to live each day knowing you are dying?”

The woman’s response surprised him. “What does it feel like living each day PRETENDING that you are not?”

My Dad had a saying

“It’s time to take stock of yourself.” Would you live your life differently, if you were told you have 6 months to live? So, where are you with the Lord? Distant? Close? Lukewarm? Are you a maybe-later type of person? Do you believe in God? How are you living now? And is there anything you’d change in order to live your life with your eyes on Heaven as your true home? Do you KNOW Him? REALLY know Him? As Savior AND Lord? As the terminally ill lady asked the curious man: Are you PRETENDING the end is not near?

Is the Lord returning soon?

Pastor Jeremiah asks: Are you Rapture Ready? Pastors David Jeremiah, Jentezen Franklin, and John Hagee this very month (October 2023) are all three preaching and teaching about prophesy and the rapture. They all believe the time is near and nothing else on the prophetic calendar has to be fulfilled before the Rapture happens. And, with the war in Israel happening right now, and the prophesies that are already fulfilled, it leads us to believe the prophesies yet to be. We see disease, wars, and rumors of wars. We are still harming and killing our dear children. Our own US border is not secure, with no information WHO are pouring in illegally. Are these the signs of the times the Bible warns about?

Your response

You probably are not going to say: “I’m going to sell everything and give all my possessions to the poor.” God tells us to “occupy” (work) until He comes (again). But, will your response be to change your companions, or change how you spend your free time? Or what about your thought life and your words? How do you spend your money? Does the Lord get your first fruits? Are you spending more and more time in the “instruction manual” (the Bible)?

What if you honor the Lord with your life?

God doesn’t want lukewarm or cold followers who believe in God. Rather, God calls us to be a Fully Devoted Follower of Jesus. Each of us is imperfect, but are we progressively becoming more intimately acquainted with Him and the wonders of His person…choosing to follow and learn more about Him and seek Him in all things? What has He called you be? To do?

ALWAYS with your eye on Heaven

It has been said that when we live with an eye toward Heaven, sin becomes unattractive. We must diligently cultivate a love for Him that is so great that the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the boastful pride of life cannot get in the door of our heart.

Dear friend, are you PRETENDING you have a lot of time to first have fun before you decide? How would you live your life today if you knew for certain that Jesus was coming for you this week either through death or the Rapture? Would you do anything differently? Jesus loves you so very, very much, He even died for you, so you can be with Him forever in Heaven. He hates being separated from you. However, No one comes to God-the-Father’s House, except through deliberately deciding to be a Christ follower. God has no grandchildren. It is a very personal choice. And that choice is yours to make. He will not force it on you, but if you say no, or “wait”, it breaks His heart!

Do you believe in God?

Perhaps today…

Let’s live today and every day as if it is so: Perhaps Today! Because it COULD be so!

Often, when people came to Jesus for help, He would ask: “What do you want Me to do for you?” How will you answer that question today?

BE ready so you don’t have to GET ready!