You Believe in Me

My Father, even if I can’t believe in myself, even if others criticize & discourage me from trying new things; even if it has never been done before—still, You believe in me—encouraging me in the very midst of my troubles. You are my Best Friend and I am Your Beloved.

You understand everything we go through, Jesus. You have already experienced the same things when You were here in the flesh, on earth, so many years ago.

The Warning

One of Jesus’ closest friends promised to always be by His side, yet at Jesus’ most vulnerable, torturous, and painful time, Peter denied Christ three times. Jesus had warned him it would happen so that he could prepare himself. He warned Peter that before the rooster crowed in the morning, that Peter would betray Jesus and deny their friendship. Peter declared he would never ever betray his friend.

And yet—sadly for Peter—It happened just as Jesus said it would.

The Penalty for Sin

There is always a penalty—consequences—for sin, The Good News is that it doesn’t HAVE to be permanent. The Bible tells us that even Peter’s denials were not permanent.

The Rooster Crowed

Peter heard the rooster and at that very moment—Jesus-in the midst of being tortured–turned toward him and their eyes locked. Peter was “broken”. He wept bitterly. What had he done? This was his friend, his teacher. He had sworn to never betray Him and yet he had denied even knowing Him. Warming himself by the fire, he had just sat there and let it happen. At that moment, he saw the truth about himself. And worst of all—He saw himself through Jesus’ eyes. The pain. The sorrow. He had to admit his own failure to himself. He had been “saving his own skin”.

Later that day, knowing what he had failed to do, it must have been emotionally torturous for Peter as he witnessed Christ hanging on that old rugged splintery cross.

That Wasn’t the End Even Though it Felt Like it

After Jesus rose from the dead, Peter and Jesus had a conversation, Peter was restored spiritually, and re-commissioned by the Lord. He became a faithful follower, proclaiming the way to salvation. The Good News is indeed good!

As long as there is breath in your body, there is still opportunity make the CHOICE to follow Jesus and to spend eternity in Heaven.

“The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord “

Romans 6:23

After Jesus death, He rose from the dead—conquering the consequences for those who love Him and follow Him.

“If  you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Mark 9:23

What About You?

Where are you currently with the Lord? Jesus believes in you. Do you believe in Him? Do you believe in His virgin birth, righteous life, death on the cross, resurrection, ascension, and that He is coming again for His own!? Are you His own? I hope so. If not, just ASK. Then learn about Him. Follow Him wherever He leads you. Live for Him.Honor Him in all you do and say. Repent when you need to.

Encounter with God devotional:

“The most important thing is—What do you do when you hear the “rooster crow”?

He could come back any day now. Perhaps today! Don’t be left behind.

Spend some extra time with Him today.

Let’s have some tea together with Jesus…

Until next time, KLU-GIB

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