Devoted to You

Father, even marriage vows are taken lightly these days. Friends come and go, and relatives forget they are related to each other, but YOU are devoted to me, my Father. And for that, I am grateful! Even though it has felt like it sometimes, I am not alone. And you have a plan to mature me/us in the Journey of Faith.

God’s plan is that marriage is sacred

On my marriage day, I MEANT it when I vowed before God  “till death do us part”. I never believed in divorce. Oddly, I always sensed something wasn’t “right” in our marriage, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. So I just pushed those thoughts aside and attributed it to hormones or missing my family and home town, or whatever. We lived far away from my Delaware family—in the Chicago area. I wasn’t used to the big city type of living. Life was so fast paced and a bit scary. My husband was a salesman and was only home on weekends. At that time, I did NOT have a relationship with Jesus. I never even gave Him a thought, actually.


And then, one fateful day—after 20+ years of marriage—my husband confessed he’d been unfaithful since the first year we were married. We were not Christians when we married, so we didn’t have that Biblical good foundation to build on.

Heavenly Father, help us to seek holiness and be set apart in a world that aims to desensitize us to immorality”

–Samaritan Ministries

How could I not have known?

It was a lonely life married to my traveling salesman. However, even though my husband was not devoted to me, over the years—after embracing Jesus as my Savior and Lord, I have learned that—through it all—the Lord God is devoted to me.

He has dusted me off and put me back together, but it was hard. Very hard with two young children.

The journey

It’s been quite a journey since then. Some amazing joyful times and some times when I wondered if I would–or even could—survive the pain, stress, and loneliness. And the self-blame. God met me there, and helped me understand HIS undying devoted love for me. He drew me to Himself. I asked, and He forgave me for my part in it all.

It’s true

When you put your faith in Christ, He is eternally yours. Forever. Hopefully, you have NOT gone through betrayal and divorce, but I am certain you too have had opportunities to trust God through some hard times.

I’ve learned when I ask and seek Him I will find Him waiting for me to fellowship with Him. We might not realize it at the time, but He will never leave our side. There will still be some hard times even after we commit our lives to following Him wherever He leads, but He will go through not only the good times, but also  the bad times with you. Your faith will grow. And you will grow closer and actually love Him more and more daily.

If you seek Him, He will be found.

“Your eternal life doesn’t begin when you die physically; it begins the moment you put your faith in Christ.” – David Jeremiah

You can count on Him

No matter what’s going on in your life, you can count on Jesus. He is totally devoted to caring for His own.

He’s devoted to you

The question is: Are you devoted to Him? Have you given your heart to Him? People will let you down, and you will let them down, but God NEVER will. Circumstances might get rocky at times, but when you take the time to talk to Him about it all, then that 20/20 hindsight will always show you His hand of blessing and His absolute total devotion to your best interest.

So…ARE you devoted to Him?

“We are to do more than just be ready. We are to be expectant.”

— Vance Havner

The whole world is in a mess. It is difficult to know who to believe. But time in His word, will convince us that–no matter how bad it looks–He is still the blessed controller of ALL things.

Jesus could come back for His own at any moment.

Seriously!  He could come back  at any moment. Maybe before you even had a chance to read this last sentence Smile .

You are amazing! God adores you!

Let’s have some tea together with Jesus.

Until next time, KLU-GIB.

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