Everywhere in My World

In my home, in my work, in my play, and in my sleep. In happy people and in sad ones, you are everywhere in my world.  Elohim—Creator God. Mighty and strong. Powerful Father God. El Elyon—God ,Most High. You are all I need every day in every way. You are Father, Son and Holy Spirit all wrapped up together. You never sleep. Wherever I am, YOU are there—everywhere—protecting and guiding me. For that, I am grateful!

Psalm 15:3 (NIV) 

“The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.”

If God is indeed good (and He is), and if He loves us (and He does), why do we have terrible things happen to us? Why God spare us from the mean people in our world? I really had those questions. And I wondered why He said “No” or “Wait” at my requests?

Have you ever thought God was mean or unloving to you?

I know I used to think God was up there with a big stick, ready to use it when I did anything wrong. Gratefully, I don’t think that anymore. Maybe it is because I spent time actually getting to know Him. Reading His Word and spending time talking to Him about EVERYTHING (sometimes even when I was mad at Him…but that doesn’t take Him by surprise. He knew I would come around…if only I made the effort to get to know Him. REALLY know Him. I am delighted to say that we are “friends” now. AND, I trust Him.

Mean Mom

It’s like a child when the Mom says, “Don’t play in the street.” But the child WANTS to play in the street. It looks like a fun place to play. Is the Mom interfering with the child’s fun? What if the child plays in the street anyway, and the Mom punishes the child? Is the Mom mean? No, of course not! The Mom knows the consequences of playing in the street. She loves the child and wants to KEEP him/her from harm. But, the child only sees the immediate fun place to play. And likely is really mad at the Mom for spoiling his/her fun. All because the Mom said “No”.

That’s how God is—only BETTER!

He is always right there with you in the middle of the night, when you can’t sleep. He is right there when you do dumb or hurtful things. AND He is right there when you do what honors Him and is helpful to others. He’s also right there to pick up the pieces when you are hurting. Maybe you just don’t understand why He didn’t do what you wanted Him to do. Yet…He’s there when you need a “shoulder” to cry on, even when the reason why you are crying is because you are mad at Him. He is everywhere in your world. Even in the midst of disappointment. Even when you are mad at Him! Always.

So cry those tears

But after that, even—in the midst of the fear or sorrow, begin to praise Him. Read the Psalms. Or the book of John. Or the book of Job. Decide to trust that He knows what is best. When we praise Him, no matter what—for WHO He is—not for what He does—He will lift you up as though you are on eagles’ wings, as one song says. Your pain or sorrow or anger or loneliness doesn’t scare Him away. He never leaves your side. He understands, but He sometimes still says “no”. Because He loves you. Like the Mom in the story above.

Practically speaking

One day, a few years ago, I had walked over to the local grocery store. Beautiful day. Suddenly a BIG storm appeared out of no where. I was in the store but afraid to walk home. I don’t know why I was so scared, but I was terrified. I panicked. I called a friend’s husband. He works only a few blocked away. He heard the terror in my voice. I was crying. He immediately left work and picked me up at the store and dropped me off at my doorstep. He didn’t criticize. He didn’t laugh at me. He merely met me at the point of my need. I was safe from the storm. Isn’t it amazing how God uses people to answer our prayers?

That’s what God does—only BETTER!

Jesus is the answer to our prayers. He rescues us from eternal harm. He gave His life so we only experience storms on earth, but if we give our lives over to Him, we are saved from the penalty of sin. and we have Heaven to look forward to. Jesus wants to be your “rescuer”. Are you “rapture ready”? As David Jeremiah asked in his radio message today. I sure hope so!

There IS a God and He adores you!

Believe that every moment of every day! No matter what! He created you in your Mother’s womb and He has a special plan for every life. He knows your comings and your goings from this day forward and forever. He loves you. No matter where you are or what you are dealing with. He just plain loves you. Just because…

The purpose of our trials

He wants you to trust Him…to learn to rely on Him…rather than trusting in yourself. No matter how smart or capable we are in this world, we are a poor replacement for the Lord of lords. He is THE Creator who designed us just the way we are…knowing what we would face in this life on earth. He sees you. He is WITH you everywhere in your world..

Trust Him

He wants to strengthen your faith “muscles”. He wants you to TALK to Him. To pray and ask for Him to get involved with your day, every day. All day. All night. He is a gentleman. He will not PUSH His way into your life. Just ASK. Because…You are amazing! AND God adores you!1 Corinthians 1:9 “God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ, the Lord.1 Corinthians l:31 “Therefore, as it is written: ‘Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.

How will you thank Him?

Let’s have some tea together with Jesus.

Until next time, KLU-GIB

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