Is Jesus Lord?

Tea With Jesus. Is Jesus Lord?

Let’s have some tea with Jesus on this Good Friday as we look at the question, “Is Jesus Lord?”


What is that to you?

Who is HE to you?

This is personal.

The English have tea time and a bit of nourishment every day in the afternoon. They set that time aside. It is non-negotiable. They slow down and enjoy each other’s company. It is a time to regroup. To re-energize for the rest of the day.

What if we recreate that tradition, and think of our time with Jesus each day as “Tea Time with Jesus”? Let’s have a cup of tea and talk here a bit together about Easter. About Jesus. About Judas and the other disciples. What can we learn from them? About Eternity. About discipleship.

Judas is the Villain in the Story

But why is he?

What happened?

Is he any different than you or me?

He was specifically called by Jesus—just like all the other disciples. Just like you and me.

He was with Jesus 24/7 – just like all the others.

They All Traveled Together

They all ate together, walked and slept together with Jesus for THREE years.

They saw His heart.

They witnessed the miracles.

How is it Judas could continue day-after-day with them all without them knowing he was a traitor? How could (with all the others) he spend all day and night with Jesus, listening to all His teaching about God and Heaven. How could he hear the Sermon on the Mount–Jesus teaching–with detail–what it means to be a Christ-follower?

Yet He Betrayed His Dear Friend

He never understood that Jesus is LORD of all! That He is King of all Kings.

However, Judas wanted Him to be a warrior King. To fight the Roman occupiers. But…Jesus is Servant King. He SHOWED them all how to be like Him. He conquers hearts through LOVE. Through sacrificing Himself out of LOVE.

Many Followers Left Him

They just stopped following. It was too hard and they didn’t see any good reason to keep following. They came for the free food and out of curiosity. They came to be healed. But, like Judas, the crowd saw Him as Rabbi—not LORD!

Jesus Washed the Disciples Feet

His friends all sat down with dirty feet—to eat that Last Supper together. Not a single one sought to serve the others. So, Jesus SHOWED them how to do that.

Then, Jesus explained the symbolism of that First Communion. He told them that one of them in the very room—one dipping his bread in the same bowl—would betray him and turn Him over to the authorities. They couldn’t imagine which of them could do such a thing. While they were trying to figure that out, Judas got up and left the room. Even then…Unbelievably…they were clueless.

Is that hard for you to believe?

It is for me.

The obvious was staring them in the face and yet they missed it. I miss seeing Him in situations every single day. I’m getting better, but I am so much like the clueless disciples. They just could NOT believe the worst. Their minds were closed to the truth.

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This Pattern Continues

This is not unlike many who gather together in the churches, celebrating Easter each year.

For fellowship.

To listen to a sermon.

A big meal together with others.

Safe inside the four walls of the church. Like the disciples were safe inside the walls of the Upper Room. Clueless to what was soon to be. Somehow missing the lessons Jesus had been trying to teach them.

To prepare them.

Is Jesus Lord?

Yes, they were safe. Comfortable. But, missing the reality of what was, is, and will be—that personal moment-by-moment relationship with the Lord of LORDS through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Seeking Him.

Finding Him.

Trusting Him no matter what!

Jesus is Popular at Easter and Christmas

But He didn’t come to be popular.

There is only one way to become like Jesus—through the fellowship of His suffering.

It can be a very lonely life as you seek to follow Him in all our ways. We must also take up the cross and endure the suffering that will come to every Jesus follower in one form or another.

Fear not. He says His yoke is easy because He is holding up the other side of that yoke. We are never alone if we are His disciple. As followers, we are never ever alone ever again!

The Jesus Movement

Many were part of the Jesus movement of the 60’s (my generation). They saw that Jesus was the Savior. But many never followed Him as LORD of their lives. EVERY aspect of their lives. It’s a process that takes years to really “get” what that means.

They loved the LOVE part of Jesus—the flower children. But when life got in the way…when they actually had to live IN the world, and when the way got tough, only the tough kept going.

Let’s be like the Eleven

Let’s have some tea…

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